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Scarves For Liberty

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In my most recent module, having a brief set by Liberty Of London, I was to design a set of scarves. This is the final outcome. I really wanted to produce something a bit whacky and diverse, as much of their scarf prints are fairly traditional. Having spent much of my time investigating their competitors and what type of designs they create, much of their designs were fairly vibrant and bold, an area which Liberty seemed so limited with. These scarves were worked around a brief of Geo-Glitch, where images are broken up in several manners and explored further through means of photoshop filters. By far this is one of my most successful projects, having really enjoyed working to specific requirements and evidently being a fashion related project, really aided in my progression.



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Illustrated Floral

Sorry that I’be been away folks, Christmas time was manic! Making a fresh start on drawings for my latest live project to design a series of scarves for Liberty of London! Cool or what? Anyway, I decided to look at more analytical drawings, with the added touch of my quirky edge to it. This was drawn from an exotic plant I purchased in Ikea, as my theme is obscure florals this plant fit perfectly. Because the flower was made up of so many shades and tones I really wanted to overexaggerate the colour. Hope you like, let me know what you think!


Fashion, Surface Design

It’s all in the surface!

_DSC0557 _DSC0558

One of my final pieces for this module, a printed pencil skirt, very graphic and linear inspired by illustrators as well as fashion designers such as Mary Katrantzou and Alice McCall.

The print was created with a standard black and white surface pattern that was then integrated with a background I designed with bleach and ink. So far one of my best prints to date, really like the contrast against black and colour which is apparent in many designers work such as Peter Pilotto and Clover Canyon who aim to achieve this in their own work.


Paper fashion…

I was revising through some old project sketchbooks from 2 years back when I came across one of my old finals for a fashion project 2 years back, gathering dust in the corner of my room. I really like this piece as it involved thinking outside the box, using materials that would normally not be used for fashion. More of a wearable art design. Let me know what you think! 🙂