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Illustrated Floral

Sorry that I’be been away folks, Christmas time was manic! Making a fresh start on drawings for my latest live project to design a series of scarves for Liberty of London! Cool or what? Anyway, I decided to look at more analytical drawings, with the added touch of my quirky edge to it. This was drawn from an exotic plant I purchased in Ikea, as my theme is obscure florals this plant fit perfectly. Because the flower was made up of so many shades and tones I really wanted to overexaggerate the colour. Hope you like, let me know what you think!



Paper fashion…

I was revising through some old project sketchbooks from 2 years back when I came across one of my old finals for a fashion project 2 years back, gathering dust in the corner of my room. I really like this piece as it involved thinking outside the box, using materials that would normally not be used for fashion. More of a wearable art design. Let me know what you think! 🙂